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Anastasia Jokiranta

Nail technician Anastasia Jokiranta produces content from the everyday life of a beauty care entrepreneur – beautiful gel nail polishes interests more than thousands of followers.

Anastasia Jokiranta couldn’t find good enough beauty services in her hometown, and the problem was solved only when Jokiranta decided to start her own business. First step was to learn how to make a lasting gel polish for yourself first, and after that could others also enjoy it.

Anastasia Jokiranta is from Kotka, where the supply of beauty services is very limited. For example, in the past you had to travel all the way to Vyborg to get gel nail polish. However, the biggest problem was the time that gel polish lasted – the nails did not stay beautiful for more than a few weeks.

As a solution to the problem, Jokiranta decided to order the accessories needed for gel polish and to start studying nail maintenance independently. When a spark of passion flared up, Jokiranta acquired the training of a nail technician, because her own nail studio was a dream from the beginning. Jokiranta does not lack entrepreneurial spirit, and in 2016 she packed her bags and moved to Helsinki to follow her dreams.

A leap into the unknown

At the beginning of her career, Jokiranta worked in a few beauty salons in Helsinki, until at the dawn of 2019, she decided to rent a 17-square-meter studio on Kalevankatu – the small premise was instantly filled with great professionalism. Quality was the center of the process from the beginning, and the gel polish should last at least a month. Above all, AJ Studio guarantees both high-quality work and service.

In addition to being a nail technician, Jokinen is also familiar with marketing. She strengthens her own personal brand both on Instagram and on TikTok @anastasia.jey. TikTok serves as an excellent platform for a beauty professional, as the video content about the everyday life of the nail studio seems to be interesting to the recipients, who have accumulated more than 40 thousand followers. The value of influencer marketing is also great for Jokiranta.

In 2022, AJ Studio moved to Hotel Mestari’s ground floor and the new, even more comfortable premise is located on Kalevankatu. Jokiranta still works as a full-time entrepreneur, but the size and number of employees of AJ Studio has grown over the years. The team includes, among others, MUAH expert Daria, who conjures up make-up and hairstyles for every occasion in an instant, and Irina, who, like Anastasia, works as a nail technician. The team is completed by one more skilled eyelash and brow technician, Anastasia.

An urban nail technician

Helsinki represents a good balance for Jokiranta – it is possible to take it easy in the city, but at the same time there is always something to do for a social person. However, Jokiranta, who lives an active lifestyle, sometimes finds it difficult to stop, which is why spa holidays have become an important part of her life. It is possible to unwind on trips like these. Enjoyment and small luxuries are part of everyday life just as much as customer work and continuous self-development in one’s profession.

“Georgia, that pearl located on the border of Europe and Asia enchants me time and time again. There you don’t have to plan anything out of the blue and there are always surprises waiting for you. While walking down the street, for example, you may bump into a wedding party, who warmly welcomes you to join the celebration. The next five hours will pass with strangers drinking, eating and partying”, says Jokiranta.

Valuing spontaneity, surprises and friendliness, Jokiranta strictly adheres to her own style. When it comes to nail art, aesthetic preferences tend to lean toward either neutral shades or, at the other extreme, wild patterned colors. Jokiranta doesn’t care about the diamonds, so they are left for other technicians to implement.

Who is Anastasia Jokiranta?

Nail technician and entrepreneur behind AJ Studio Freda, known for her energetic TikTok videos, gel nail polishes that last a calendar month, and her bubbly personality.