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Mestari is the master of meetings

The House of Master Builders has been the venue for conversation, learning, and new experiences for decades. Today we at Hotel Mestari’s Meetings and Events have only one rule – there are no rules!

 Host an event that looks, sounds, and feels like you but – most importantly – serves the needs of your guests. At Mestari, we don’t compromise on technology or service, style or new ideas. Our venues are perfect for both intimate round table discussions or hybrid business events, relaxed buffet dinners or official receptions. 

 Fancy a little something extra to perfect your event? How about a cocktail workshop to finish off the day, a champagne tasting to kick off your evening or a mani-pedi after lunch to keep the mood relaxed? Whatever your event entails, we are here to make it happen exactly as you envision it. If you don’t actually have a vision for your event, don’t worry. We as Masters of Events are here to help!

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