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Aesthetic and relaxed art experiences – Paint & Party Art Bar creates a framework for comfy and experiential creative work

“Art belongs to everyone,” says Heidi and Antti-Jussi Hoivala, the founding couple of Paint&Party. For them, creative work means a process which allows emotion to turn into something more concrete – perhaps even a work of art. The relaxed atmosphere nurtures creativity and makes one break free from the pressures of performance.

The story of the Paint & Party family business started in 2018, when Heidi and Antti-Jussi Hoivala traveled to New Zealand for a six-month trip. At a local restaurant, the couple got to know a concept that was previously unknown to them: Simply, having fun with a guided painting and wine.

They could see how people let go of the stress of every-day life by painting and enjoying each others’ company. That experience showed that art belongs to everyone. The couple realized there would definitely be a similar demand for this kind of concept back home as well.

“We opened an art bar, where people can create their own artwork in a relaxed environment without any performance pressure. At the moment art workshops are open for groups, but in the future the space is open for walk-ins when anyone can come in, grab a glass of wine or other refreshments and a painting-set. The space also has room for other forms of entertainment and culture that will be seen in various experiences and events”, Heidi says.

“We often hear how liberating it was to paint in a relaxed and comfortable environment together with guidance.”

Heidi and Antti-Jussi emphasize that art belongs to everyone, regardless of their level of competence. There are often pressures involved in making art which the duo wants to release.

Our events are attended mostly by people who don’t see themselves as practiced artists. People’s experiences from art are from schools, when your work gets evaluated. In reality, all art is really great and each art piece has its own unique handprint. We give guidelines and tips, but everyone has the freedom to choose when and how to apply them, or whether to apply them at all! The art experience is successful when you have enjoyed making the work yourself”, Heidi says.

Feedback from workshops shows that making experiential art is important and liberating for people. Some of the feedback makes one think about the results-oriented society.

“We often hear how liberating it was to paint without pressure. Relaxation has led to incredible outcomes that we hear through feedback. It feels especially good to hear when people have started practicing painting or even studying in the field of arts. As a result of training and studying, we have also  received feedback that some of our customers who got a spark from us have even started to paint paintings for sale as a side job”, says Antti-Jussi.

Who are Heidi and Antti-Jussi Hoivala?

The founders of Paint&Party, who want everyone to find the joy of making art through freedom and pressure.