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Päivi Pellikka

For hairdresser and make-up artist Päivi Pellikka, a customer is like a walking business card: “An entrepreneur must always put her best foot forward”.

Päivi Pellikka is passionate about the work of creating beauty and 35 years of experience in the field has brought with her a certain confidence in doing things, but despite this, the path of learning never comes to an end – earning a living at work requires a constant ability to develop.

Päivi Pellikka, the entrepreneur behind Neo Hiushuone, has a genuine approach to her work with a big heart and extreme professionalism. The basis of her work philosophy is a smile on the customer’s face, which Pellikka strives to contribute to by offering her expert vision, the best possible service and a high-quality product selection.

“The biggest lottery win of my life was when I decided to apply to the field of beauty care. The appreciation of aesthetics is part of my everyday life and fashion blows new and fresh winds every day. And there’s never a dull moment when there are many fascinating people sitting on the salon bench,” Pellikka opens.

The colorful job description of a beauty professional

Since the 9th grade, Pellikka, who has purposefully pursued the profession of barber-hairdresser, considers herself above all a person of action. She still works today with the same mentality as in the early days of her journey – letting her instincts guide and positive energy flow.

“In this profession, there must be room for creativity. Every challenge is an opportunity for me and the bar is always high. In my opinion, the customer deserves nothing but the absolute best – the best possible service and the best possible end result”, Pellikka states.

Immediacy seems to be Pellikka’s superpower, which is why customers keep coming back to her salon.

“I appreciate mental growth and sometimes the customer just needs someone who listens and is ready to offer some perspective – whether they concern looks or private life”, says Pellikka.

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day”

Pellikka doesn’t consider her working days regular and usually she goes to work to celebrate life in general. Festive hairstyles are particularly exciting for her, as festive make-up are too. Pellikka finds the design work rewarding and there are several reasons for this – for example the client can be offered inspiration along with technical implementation.

“As an entrepreneur, my most important qualities are tenacity and persistancy, but love for work is also of great importance. Do what you love and you’ll never work a day”, Pellikka mentions.

The industry has developed at a fast pace in recent years and new trends flow through social media at the speed of light. At the same time, general knowledge increases and technology develops.

“Pellikka states that there are plenty of jobs in beauty care, but the skills are fewer and fewer. I’m not the one to become out-dated and I’m constantly updating”, says Pellikka.

Neo Hiushuone, which has served in Kamppi for 20 years, has moved to Hotel Mestari’s brick-and-mortar location at Eerikinkatu 11. Pellikka warmly welcomes both new and old acquaintances.

Who is Päivi Pellikka?

The founder of Neo Hiushuone, which has been serving its customers in Kamppi since 2003, offering hair salon and barber services. Pellikka, who has recently moved to Hotel Mestari, on Eerikinkatu, also conjures up make-up during the holidays.