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Tuomas Laine

Your sleeping experience is the product of many sensory perceptions. Tuomas Laine knows how sleeping in luxury feels like.

Tuomas Laine is the Marketing Manager at Joutsen, Hotel Mestari’s provider of down duvets and pillows. He shares the values of the family business: ”Joutsen emphasizes both corporate responsibility and sustainability.”

In the early 2000s, Tuomas Laine worked at a Finnish zipper company in Manchester. With the birth of their first child, the family relocated back to Finland. Since the move, Laine has been employed at Joutsen, a Finnish flagship company in the down product business.

”After our move back to Finland, I wanted to keep working in the textile business. So I contacted Joutsen and went ahead and moved back to Riihimäki, even though I had sworn off ever living there again.”

An avid traveler and an outdoors person, Laine doesn’t compromise on his values, even for an employer. At Joutsen, the philosophies are a perfect match.

”Diversity needs to be understood and respected, whether it’s people, culture or nature. We all have to carry our share of the responsibility. Joutsen emphasizes both corporate responsibility and sustainability. Everyone knows their duties and what they have promised.”

”People sometimes ask where they could get the pillows and duvets they had at a hotel they just stayed at.”

Luxury is something people associate with Joutsen’s bedding. Laine explains why.

”We have the ability to make exceptionally warm duvets with very little down. When you tuck in, you experience the warmth and the light airy feel right away. The immediate warmth creates a wow effect, and this is what we bring to the table at Mestari as well.”

All pillows and the majority of duvets are made in Riihimäki, with only a fraction brought in from Joutsen’s factory in Estonia. According to Laine, high quality is the outcome of a precise production processes.

”Unlike others in our industry, we clean our down in-house with our dust removing technology. We use the purest possible down, suitable for those with allergies. We are proud of our Allergy Label, awarded by the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation.”

While the bed has long been considered the crowning jewel of any hotel room, understanding of the meaning of great sleeping experience has increased over the last few years. Various sensations, felt through different senses, inform the sleeping experience.

”The mere sight of enticing bedding invites you to dive in and relax. The ruffling of a down duvet is a sound of luxury, and cool room temperature highlights the duvet’s warmth and makes it feel even better.”

And who wouldn’t want that experience at home?

”People sometimes call and ask where they could get the same kind of pillows and duvets they had at a hotel they just stayed at,” Laine says with a smile.

Who is Tuomas Laine?

A marketing manager who shares the values of his employer, Joutsen – an esteemed family business and a company known for its high-quality products.