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Siurua & Reid

Sanni Siurua and Robert Reid, who found their way to event production from different backgrounds, consider the love of people as a supporting force for their teamwork. The spark to create flares up from the power of new encounters – again and again.

Hotel Mestari’s versatile spaces sell themselves, but the right people are needed to bring the potential of the wonderful setting to life. Sanni Siurua and Robert Reid are the right pair for this task with their different and complementary backgrounds. No rules, is the rule number one for them.

Sanni Siurua reveals that Robert Reid is a real charmer, while Reid mentions that Siurua is a top professional in his field and one with endless positive energy. The members of this powerful team state that they are very similar in many ways, and the point of convergence can also be found in the outside the box thinking, which both Hotel Mestari’s employees stand for.

Event production is done in this house with NO RULES! -attitude and creative minds sometimes come up with wild ideas. These gusts of inspiration create meaningfulness in doing things, and brainstorming between both the client and the team are fulfilling moments for each party. However, when it comes to implementation, it’s good to keep a small sense of proportionality – there are many things to take into account, from the capacity of the space to the technical implementation of the event. However, it goes without saying that only the sky’s the limit as long as the attitude is right – and both Siurua and Reid have that ability to approach.

“In the couple of weeks after the opening of Hotel Mestari, we experienced everything possible – a big customer with big needs and small customers with more detailed wishes. The space itself adapts to many things, and the event concept Verstas enables events from gala evenings to business forums and creative workshops, so creating an atmosphere is often the most important of the tasks… and often also the most challenging. It’s worth investing in,” says Siurua.


Masters of many possibilities

Reid is from Canada, after which the journey continued via the United States to Finland. In addition to Reid’s family roots, he also found a place to study from Finland and as a bonus, a life partner. Reid’s career has included many things, such as working in the restaurant industry. However, the chef’s profession did not offer enough human contact, which is a lifeline for Reid, who enjoys social situations. Moving into event production therefore felt natural.

“I really enjoy everyday, immediate and surprising encounters. Working with events offers continuous challenges and there is a certain demand for problem solving skills. You have to manage large entities, but at the same time take care of grassroots level implementation. It is of primary importance for the guests to know that we are here for them and together with Sanni we show, guide and enable.”

Siurua’s role at Mestari is all-encompassing. At the center is the customer experience, which is built and strengthened on an everyday level – guests’ needs are preferably met even before they have time to even be aware of them. Siurua’s warm and catchy energy brings a good addition to the team and she does her part to make every event successful down to every little detail.

“I got into the industry by chance. I have a strong background in competitive dancing and during my studies this lifestyle had to be financed somehow – so I started serving in a restaurant in Tampere. First there was dancing and serving, after which the dancing didn’t continue and the serving changed to the field’s sales services and office work. However, I noticed that I miss people and direct contact with customers. This realization led me to event production.”

Siurua and Reid are the enablers of Hotel Mestari, who, complementing each other, create both the atmosphere and the setting.

Who are Sanni Siurua & Robert Reid?

Siurua and Reid are the duo behind Hotel Mestari’s event production, complementing each other – Siurua’s tasks are multi-faceted, from comprehensively meeting the customer’s needs to running the hotel’s everyday life, while Reid focuses primarily on Mestari’s event production.