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Joona Wörlin

”Dressing classy is more than a three-piece suit.” – Joona Wörlin challenges the established rules of men’s fashion.

Joona Wörlin is one of the three founders of Caine Clothiers, a business specialized in bespoke men’s clothing. He knows how to make something classy but also casual and familiar. While the best materials and brands are always carefully researched, intuition also plays a part in their decision.

Wörlin founded Caine Clothiers, based in Helsinki’s Kaartinkaupunki, three years ago with tailor Joonatan Karkiainen and footwear and shoemaker Johan Mikkonen. The trio met when they were each working at various clothing businesses. The idea to launch their own business started off with a desire to help make classy dressing available for everyone through their expertise and an easy-to-approach service.

”Bespoke doesn’t always mean a three-piece suit. We want to make it casual and familiar for everyone. We help our customers find what they feel is right for them, and then we improve on it and make a better version. As cliché as it sounds and even though clothing is my passion, a satisfied customer is by far the best part of this work,” Wörlin says.

The trio has several partner factories in Europe. Every year they head to a clothing event in Florence where they scout for the best makers in the business.

”The research has taken years. No one simply tells us who is particularly great at making what in an Italian small-village. It’s exciting work, and I like it. To some extent, finding the best makers is also a regional thing. For example, we firmly believe that best knitting comes from Scotland. They’ve been making knits for centuries,” Wörlin says.

Historical precedent alone is not enough, though. A piece of clothing or material must evoke emotion:

”The coarse, durable wool from Shetland has the right kind of feel – one that all knit clothing should have.”

Bespoke is at the heart of expertise and craftsmanship

With bespoke, you need insight on materials, you need craftsmanship and you have to understand customer needs. The process often begins by picking the fabric and the detailing, taking measurements, and trying on a mock-up.

”The purpose of the clothing partly determines what the right fit is. With coats, it’s important that shoulders and bust fit well. And materials and their texture allow for different nuances,” Wörlin says.

Wörlin’s sharp, polite and determined composure evokes not only self-assurance but also humility and passion for his craft. Sitting outside his store in a classy brown, roughly-textured suit and sipping on an espresso, he points out that he doesn’t want to spend too much time thinking about what he wears.

”My passion for clothing is also my career now. When the pieces of clothing in your wardrobe work well together, you don’t need to give your outfit much thought. Just this morning, I threw on a suit in just a few minutes,” he says casually.

Who is Joona Wörlin?

A business-owner and a bespoke specialist, Joona Wörlin draws inspiration from music, movies and people.