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Mestari’s christmas buffet


Caesar salad with crayfish L, G
Cold-smoked salmon mousse on dark bread L
Pickled Baltic herrings with spices and glögg L, G
Pickled Atlantic herring with mustard L, G
Pickled Atlantic herring with onion L, G
Roast beef with horseradish creme L, G
Country style pâté and rowanberry jam L, G
Fresh green salad with sesame vinaigrette L, G
Marinated cherry tomatoes and capers L, G
Roasted Jerusalem artichoke and red onion compote L, G
Chorizo and potato salad L, G
Roasted sweet potato with pomegranate L, G
Dill potatoes L, G
Mestari’s bread selection


Roasted salmon with saffron beurre blanc L, G


Grilled Iberico pork tenderloin with dark sherry sauce L, G


Grilled cauliflower with nuts and chimichurri sauce VE, G


Potato and celery puree and roasted vegetables


Chocolate cake with fig VE,G

Buttermilk pannacotta with cloudberry jam L, G

Churros and chocolate sauce

69 € / person

Min. 30 persons



Street Food Station

Lamb hot dogs with sides L
Beef satay, wakame, chili and ginger L, G
Chorizo and patatas bravas L, G
Panko breaded scampi with sesame mayonnaise L
Focaccia, hummus and chimichurri sauce L
Coleslaw L, G
Churros and chocolate sauce
Waffles and mascarpone cream L
Rocky Road L, G

56 € / person

Min. 30 persons



Taco buffet

Top off your evening

Tortillas L
BBQ pulled pork L, G
Roasted vegetables L, G
Salsa verde VE, G
Pico de gallo VE, G
Coleslaw L, G

19 € / person

Min. 30 persons




L = lactose-free | VL = low lactose | VE = vegan | M = dairy free | G = gluten-free

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