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1 King bed

In the surprising and first-class comfortable Loft King Room, you can relax in a masterful and robust setting. Kick back and unwind now in two-stories! Relax in the comfy armchairs of the loft with popcorns and enjoy the masterful experience. Above standard room height, grand two-story windows, vibrant brick wall, and the unique loft with cozy armchairs ensure a luxurious ambience for your stay. This ingeniously decorated room definitely doesn’t lack engineering mastery.

The atmosphere is created by the soothing colors and genuine materials of the interior and the high-quality bathroom. The plush, wide bed, in Joutsen’s – the world’s purest and softest possible down beddings and high-quality textiles guarantee a masterful dream experience and a comfortable place to relax with technology.

Abundance of room equipments will top off your stay. Wrap yourself in a soft bathrobe, step into the Master’s slippers and relax in the Master’s unique loft room. In the minibar you will find a varied selection of refreshments as well as savory and sweet delicacies. For a tea and coffee lover, the room has an electric kettle. The keys to a masterful refreshment can be found in your room, where you can enjoy pure Finnish bubble water at any time with the SodaStream carbonation device. At the same time, you help change the world by reducing waste from plastic bottles.

In addition to high-quality bathroom products, the room equipment includes a lockable safety box where you can safely store your most important items and a hair dryer to make every day a good hair day. You can also finish the room with your own clothes steamer, which will refresh and straighten your clothes in the blink of an eye. Access to Hotel Mestari’s versatile fitness room included.

Popcorns are included!

Have a masterful stay!

Room features

  • Two-story loft room where you can relax in the comfy armchairs
  • King-size bed and Joutsen’s down beddings
  • SodaStream device, clothes steamer and high-quality bathroom amenities
  • Master’s bathrobe and slippers
  • Popcorn
  • This room type is pet-free