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Ole.Fit: Johnny Furu & Ville Halme

Fit Mestari functions as both a gym and a living room – hotel guests traveling from near or far are all welcome regardless of their starting level.

Fit Mestarit, the flagship of the Ole.Fit gym chain, opened at the end of 2022. It offers an excellent framework for developing mobility, strength and endurance in the most central corners of the city. The gym’s audio, lighting and equipment create a coherent whole, which the founders of Fit Mestari, Ville Halme and Johnny Furu, can take pride in.

Cooperation of Ville Halme and Johnny Furu is excellent. Sports have always played a significant role in the lives of both parties, and the spectrum of sports has grown enormously over the years. The spark to become a gym entrepreneur was thus ignited very naturally and a lifestyle was turned into a profession.

Furu and Halme approach work with both burning passion and a certain calmness resulting from experience. Harmony arises from the duo’s different, complementary backgrounds. Furu has worked as a personal trainer for eight years. Halme, on the other hand, is focused on the work of a consultant. Entrepreneurship isn’t unfamiliar to either of them, but this time they started building something new together with a friend.

From love to movement

Furu has competed in sports since he was a child. The spectrum of sports has evolved from cross-country skiing and football to powerlifting and bodybuilding, which have since taken Furu competing around the world.

“My diverse background in sports offers an understanding of the importance of supportive training in particular. The culture of gym training has changed fundamentally: an even more diverse group of people come to train, and people of all ages and from different backgrounds need training in their everyday life and help to achieve overall well-being,” Furu states.

Halme also has a competitive spirit and medal-level achievements. The more competitive gym training started about five years ago, when Halme wanted new challenges alongside running a consulting company.

“Having toured numerous gyms both in Finland and abroad, I have been able to see many kinds of premises, people and ways of working. An image of a place where not only the setting but also the atmosphere would be in order slowly began to form in my mind. Neatness, first-class equipment, perfect lighting and acoustics alone are not enough, more is required. We need people who bring the place to life and make training meaningful,” Halme mentions.

The two had a long discussion about setting up their own gym, but the final turning point can be located at Hietalahti’s beach, in 2020. “Shouldn’t we build that gym?”, the two said in unison.

The entrepreneurs behind Fit Mestari can be seen and heard, but they also listen

Suitable business premises were sought after in the inner city for a few years. Central location and existing contacts finally helped to seal the foundation of Fredrikinkatu and Hotel Mestari as the business space.

“The dark and gritty atmosphere of Mestari extends from the hotel lobby to our gym. We have large windows on the street level, through which natural light penetrates through the spacious staircase and large mirrors down to the ground floor,” Furu opens.

Halme continues with Fit Mestari’s conveniences.

“The atmosphere of the gym is regulated with the help of music and each room has a different soundscape. Aerobic exercise requires a more dynamic tone, and strength training needs to be accompanied by poise and attitude,” says Halme.

Those working out on weekday mornings are able to get the hotel breakfast at half price, and refreshments are also available for members in the gym’s own lobby.

Furu strives to be at the gym every day, focusing mainly on everyday customer encounters and meeting the overall needs of the client’s in addition to coaching. The services are developed on the run together with Halme, whose area of ​​responsibility includes, in addition to development work, other background tasks in the gym.

Fit Mestari is a project for the two who in addition to fitness enjoy traveling and motorcycling, which will hopefully last through decades, offering enthusiasm and pride over and over again. Furu and Halme welcome hotel guests and local athletes, regardless of their entry level.

Who are Johnny Furu & Ville Halme?

Johnny Furu and Ville Hame are the entrepreneurial duo behind the gym Fit Mestari. Furu works at Fit Mestari as Club Manager and Personal Trainer, while Halme handles administrative tasks and marketing.