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Jenni-Maria Satopää

The needs of hotel guests are changing and diversifying – Mestari’s hotel manager Jenni-Maria Satopää knows how to resolve those needs

Jenni-Maria Satopää has high criteria for her own work. Over the past five years, she has been opening three new hotels each offering something new for the accommodation industry. One of those hotels is Hotel Mestari.

Satopää has worked in the hotel industry for 17 years and when asked why she likes her work so much, she knows the answer right away.

“My working day today will be completely different from yesterday, and I don’t even know how yet. The image of a receptionist smiling behind a counter in a white collared shirt does not reflect the true job description of hotel employees. Surprising and new situations will come. Sometimes you have to work as a plumber or maintenance man, for example.”

Satopää started in 2005 as a receptionist, then progressed to senior management and now as a hotel manager. Hotel Mestari is Satopää’s third hotel in five years, which she has been involved in opening.

“Opening a new hotel is addictive. Every time I get to bring something completely new to the industry, Hotel Mestari is no exception. It makes me proud. The last month before opening the hotel requires sleepless nights, but the feeling after opening is unparalleled. ”

Hotel Mestari takes individuality to a new level

During her career, Satopää has seen the development of the industry. The needs of the people staying at the hotel have changed and diversified over the years. Nowadays, in addition to a good night’s sleep, hotels are sought after for experiences.

“During the pandemic, for example, a whole new user base has emerged, with city dwellers coming to stay at nearby hotels. They need different things from staying overnight than commuters, for example.”

The focus at the Mestari is on being able to meet the needs of each individual. Guests can choose from eight different room categories to suit their needs.

“Because the hotel is housed in an old early 20th-century building, each room is different in size and features. For example, the customer can choose between a loft room, a penthouse or a room with a balcony. Some people don’t need specials or extra services from the room, but a good night’s sleep is at the heart of the trip, which of course we can provide.”

Satopää has been involved in developing additional room services, i.e. what you can eat, drink and experience in the room. Each can make their trip as relevant and successful an experience as possible.

She explains what each different lifestyle entity entails, but immediately afterwards emphasizes that the boundaries have been made to be broken.

“The choice for those who want a private cinema experience is the Movie Night package, which includes, for example, movie snacks and media equipment that enables a cinema atmosphere in a loft room designed just for this purpose. For complete relaxation and a break from everyday life, there is a Cool Down package, which includes a face mask and a variety of drinking options. But if a guest wants to enjoy a movie with a face mask on their face, then it will be arranged.”

So how does Satopää know what hotel guests need?

“I recognize different needs through curiosity and experience. I ask a lot of questions from the people around me. For example, when designing the content of a movie package, I asked many people about their preferences and edited the content through it.”

Who is Jenni-Maria Satopää?

Hotel Mestari’s hotel manager, whose 17 years of work experience started from the need to help others.