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Cool Down package includes e.g. a sleep mask, ear plugs, spa package, a scented oil, chocolate and tea as well as a relaxing playlist.

Cool Down 

When did you last really take some time for yourself? Forgot about work stress, everyday hassle and gave yourself a well-earned break? 

Our Cool Down package is tailored for you in need of a short breather. The indulging package includes spa products for a relaxing bath or shower, delicious chocolate and tea to caress the taste buds as well as a sleep mask and ear plugs to guarantee a good night’s sleep. 

Cool Down -enhancement for one starting at 35 €

Cool Down -enhancement includes

  • A sleep mask and ear plugs for a relaxing sleep
  • Indulging spa package for the face and body
  • A scented oil to complete the perfect spa atmosphere
  • A soothing, curated playlist to help you relax
  • Delicious PH7 chocolate and tea